glFusion v1.2.2 Patch Level #3 Updates

We have identified and fixed a few additional issues in glFusion v1.2.2 so we are releasing patch level #3 to address the following issues:


  • Ensure the database password is properly masked prior to logging to error.log during DB backup
  • Forum Plugin: Fixed error where some autotags did not display properly in forum posts
  • Forum Plugin: Convert story to forum post did not properly handle topic selection
  • Story edit permissions allowed anyone with story.edit feature to edit stories


To simplify the installation of this patch level release, we have packaged all the updated files into a single archive. Download the file and copy the files to your server. There is no need to run the upgrade wizard.

All glFusion users should upgrade as soon as possible!


For more information on Patch Levels, please see the Known Issues page.