DokuWiki Integration Plugin v4.2.0 Released

I am pleased to announce the release of the DokuWiki Integration Plugin for glFusion v4.2.0. DokuWiki is a simple to use and highly versatile Open Source wiki system developed by Andreas Gohr. The Integration Plugin allows DokuWiki to seamlessly integrate with glFusion to provide an awesome wiki for your site. This release continues to improve on the integration to glFusion.

Version 4.2.0 of the integration plugin brings a few bugs fixes with the glFusion integration and several nice enhancements. We fixed some missing language entries in the non-English plugin translations, fixed some session conflicts with glFusion and added a couple of PHP v7 fixes to ensure everything runs smooth on sites running PHP v7.0 or v7.1. 

Theme Integration Updates

We have tweaked the standard DokuWiki theme to better integrate with glFusion. This includes improved alignment of the breadcrumbs line, improved Administration screen and a few minor tweaks to DokuWiki's page tools to remove redundant buttons such as scroll to the top (which is already provided in glFusion).

Page Titles

In previous versions of the integration plugin, glFusion would display the DokuWiki page name in search results and in the What's New block. The page name is generally a very short, but descriptive, name of the page. With v4.2.0, glFusion now displays the Page Title (generally the first heading line of the page). For example, you may have a page named glfusion:whats_new. In previous versions of the integration, the page name would what displayed in the search results or the What's New block. Now, glFusion will display What's New in glFusion as the page title (using the first H1 lines on the page).

Full Support for glFusion Groups

When installing or upgrading to v4.2.0, two new glFusion groups will automatically be created:

  • DokuWiki Admin
  • DokuWiki Manager

The DokuWiki Admin group has full administrative access to the wiki, including the configuration, access control lists, and full edit capabilities for all wiki pages. 

The DokuWiki Manager group gain access to a limited selection of items in the DokuWiki Administrative interface, e.g. the Revert Manager, but they cannot access the access control lists or change config settings. Having a couple of managers ready to help admins fight wikispam might be a good idea in an open wiki.

You can add users to either of these groups through the glFusion Group Administration page.

Behind the Scenes Integration

The method used to integrate DokuWiki with glFusion has been completely reworked. This new approach is much cleaner and requires fewer changes to the core DokuWiki code to ensure a tight integration with glFusion. These updates don't have a direct impact on how the DokuWIki integration looks to the end user, but it makes our job of maintaining the integration much easier and cleaner. One visible tweak is changing the menu entry from DokuWiki to Wiki.

Improved Upgrade Capabilities

One of the features we implemented early on in the integration plugin was the ability to change the directory name where the DokuWiki files and pages are stored. Out of the box, the integration uses /dokuwiki/ as the location, but you can change this to whatever you wish, generally something like /wiki/.  One negative side effect of changing the storage directory is that it broke the automatic plugin upload / upgrade feature in glFusion. glFusion only knew the /dokuwiki/ directory name so it would not copy the updated DokuWiki source files to the updated directory. This meant you had to manually FTP (or copy) the DokuWiki plugin files to the /wiki/ directory. With v4.20 and glFusion v1.6.5, we've updated the plugin upload / upgrade system to now detect and use the proper directory. Once you have glFusion v1.6.5 or newer, and the DokuWiki Integration Plugin v4.2.0 or newer, all future plugin updates should be automatic. Of course if you don't change the default directory, the plugin upload / upgrade works fine now and going forward.


Here at glFusion DOT org, we love DokuWiki. It is a great piece of software that makes it so easy and convenient to create and update glFusion's documentation. DokuWiki supports a ton of useful extensions as well which adds to its power and flexibility. DokuWiki has a great set of integration hooks which makes integrating with glFusion possible. We appreciate the opportunity to bring this great wiki to our users and thank the DokuWiki community for their efforts in producing such a fine piece of software.

by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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