DokuWiki Integration Plugin v4.4.0 Released

I am pleased to announce the release of the DokuWiki Integration Plugin for glFusion v4.4.0. DokuWiki is a simple to use and highly versatile Open Source wiki system developed by Andreas Gohr. The Integration Plugin allows DokuWiki to seamlessly integrate with glFusion to provide an awesome wiki for your site.

This release continues to improve on the integration to glFusion. Version 4.4.0 of the integration plugin brings a new upstream release of DokuWiki - Version 2018-04-22 "Greebo".  There are several code updates to better support PHP v7.2. We've added the ability to clear DokuWiki's page cache from the glFusion DokuWiki admin interface. The new DokuWiki release has several under-the-hood updates to improve performance and code stability. We want to thank the DokuWiki team for creating such a great tool - we love using it here to house glFusion's documentation and are excited to be able to share it with all glFusion user's as a plugin.

by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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