Banner Plugin 0.1.1 Now Available

Version 0.1.1 of the for glFusion is now available.  This version fixes a few issues, including a fatal error that would occur under PHP 4.  The checking for topic limits was also re-worked so that banners, categories, and campaigns may be restricted to specific topics.

  • Added topic limits to Banners and Campaigns
  • Fixed the plugin crashing under PHP 4
  • Campaign IDs with spaces caused problems in Campaign::getBanners()
  • Impressions and Max Impressions were not saved when the banner form was saved
  • Added click tracking to HTML ads
  • Added a "target" option for each ad
  • Banners weren't displayed in stories
  • Centerblock wasn't working, should work properly now.


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 The functionality keeps getting better and better! Thanks!

The centerblock for this plugin still does not work for me. I can't display a 468X60 banner in the centerblock. Nothing shows up. The L/R blocks function correctly.