EvList 1.3.4 is now available

is now available for download.  This release fixes a few remaining issues and adds the ability to import events from a CSV file.  This feature is still being tested, so be sure to back up your database before importing any events.

EvList is an alternative calendaring solution for glFusion that offers flexible recurring events, integration with Google Maps (via the Locator plugin) and weather forecasts (via the Weather plugin). [Read On...]

CSV Import Information

A new notes about the CSV import are worth mentioning...

First, the upload form is in English only at this time.  Localization will come.

Second, the CSV file must follow a very specific format, which is detailed on the upload form.  For all-day events, both the starting and ending times must be "00:00:00".

Finally (this is also mentioned on the upload form), neither recurring events nor split events are supported.  While split-event support may be added if there is sufficient need, the various options available for recurring events aren't easy to format into a simple CSV file.

And one last thing: Back up your database before performing any import!!  Yes, it is that important!


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