Evlist 1.3.3 is available

is now available for download.  This release includes fixes for known problems that occurred during installation and upgrades to 1.3.0, introduces two new options for monthly recurring events, and includes some better descriptions shown with events.

For both monthly-by-day (e.g. "every third Tuesday&quotWink and monthly-by-date ("first of every month&quotWink, multiple occurrences are now supported - every first and third Tuesday, for example, or "on the first and fifteenth of the month."  Evlist now also supports intervals greater than one period, so you can have events occuring every 2 months or every 3 weeks.

Ical support is also enabled and has been tested to provide calendar information to Google Calendar.  Compatibility with other calendars may be spotty, though, so feel free to check out the format & suggest improvements.

As always.... BACK UP YOUR SYSTEM before upgrading. Although not as severe as the upgrade to 1.3.0, there are several changes to the table schemas.

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