Evlist 1.3.0 is available

EvList has been updated to version 1.3.0.  This release fixes several issues reported in 1.2.7, and adds some new functionality.  Behind the scenes, this is a significant upgrade and involves dramatic changes to the database.  Be sure to back up your site completely before installing, and especially before upgrading.

For more information about what's new in this version, read on...

EvList is a calendaring solution for glFusion that offers recurring events and calendar views (day, week, month, year) as well as a simple list.

Some of the changes and new features found in version 1.3.0:

  • Fixed import bug when importing from glFusion calendar plugin
  • Save all event occurences as discrete events.
    • Every occurance of a scheduled event, whether one-time or recurring, is now saved as a separate record in a "repeat" table.  This allows for single occurences to be edited, rescheduled, or deleted from a series.  Also, this helps simplify searching for entries to be displayed within a time period.
  • Added multiple calendars and option to show/hide calendars (a la Google)
  • Replaced old date dropdowns & datepicker with a faster and language-aware version.  Feedback is certainly welcome regarding this change.
  • Added new options for when events are no longer "upcoming" (start time passed, end time passed, etc.)
  • Added admin notification option when events are submitted to queue.
  • Made the event owner contact link optional.  A separate contact name and email address can now be displayed instead of, or in addition to, the event owner's.
  • Entry times now use 12 or 24-hour format based on global config
  • Full date-time values are used to check if starting is later than ending.  This fixes an issue where events were rejected if the ending hour was less than the starting hour, even if the end time was PM and starting time was AM.
  • Category admin now uses more standard glFusion interface.
  • Added RSS subscription icons to calendar view.  Fixed date showing as 1970.
  • Changes to upcoming events block.  Multi-day events only show once
  • New or changed configuration options:
    • Added the default view to show (month, week, etc.)
    • Added the max number of days to show in the Upcoming Events block.
    • Consolidated who may add events (Admin, Members, Anon) to a single variable.
    • Changed the date & time formats to values instead of database lookups.
    • Added new "evlist.submit" feature to bypass the submission queue.
  • Added integration with the Locator and Weather plugins.  If these are installed, map and weather information can be displayed with the event detail.  This is inspired by the very slick integration by"matrox66" mentioned in the forum.  (Locator version 1.0.3 or later is required.)

 EvList 1.3.0 can be downloaded .

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Great plugin keeps getting even better with great new features. Thanks so much for all your hard work, Lee!

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