Locator Plugin Updated, Weather Plugin Released

A Weather plugin has been released for glFusion 1.2.0 and higher.  This plugin uses Google's weather API to retrieve weather conditions based on postal code or city & state.  This plugin, and it's integration features, are inspired by the very nice work done by "matrox66", mentioned here in the forum.

The Locator plugin has been updated to version 1.0.2.  This release includes a fix for cases where floating-point numbers use a comma as the decimal separator, which MySQL cannot handle.  Also new is integration with the new Weather plugin, allowing weather conditions to be displayed on the location pages.

Both of these plugins now require at least PHP 5.1.0 to function.

The Weather Plugin

The Weather plugin has no special requirements and needs no API key.  It simply retrieves weather data from Google and caches it in a database table for a (configurable) period of time.  The current weather can be displayed alone in a block, and forecasts can be displayed on the plugin's main page.  You can search for locations and see what the weather is like in those areas.

The API function allows other plugins to leveage the Weather plugin to display weather data (the Locator Plugin is the first to use this feature). A "weather" autotag is also available, with options for "current" or "full" weather display

This is an initial beta release, please consider it to be a test version. 

The Locator Plugin

The Locator Plugin contains no major updates, but some minor fixes and refactoring.  The most significant new feature is the ability to use the Weather plugin to display data on the location detail page.  An example of this can be found here.

To configure the integration, simply select "Yes" for "Integrate with the Weather Plugin" in the Locator Plugin's configuration screen.  While you're there you'll also notice a new option called "Offer to get directions on detail page."  Choose "Yes" to have a form created on the location page where visitors can enter their own address to get directions via Google Maps.  (No personal data is kept or even seen by your site; the form links directly to Google.)


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