Forms Plugin Beta Updated

The second beta version of the Forms plugin has been released and can be downloaded .  This release adds support for calculated fields and for static text fields to embed text or HTML in the body of a form, and cleans up some minor issues found in the previous release.

Among the plugin's features are:

  • Several variable types can be defined: Text, Textarea, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Multiple Checkboxes, and Dropdown lists.
  • Submitted data can be stored in the database and/or emailed to any combination of the site administator, the form's owner, or members of the form's administration group.
  • Saved submissions can also be downloaded as a CSV file, and individual submissions can be printed.
  • Access to forms (and results) can be limited to a specific group of users.

Changes in version 0.1.1:

  • NEW - Static fields can be defined to embed text or HTML directly in the body of a form.  Additionally, a new field option is available to allow the field contents to span across the entire form.
  • NEW - Calculated fields which can calculate values based on constants or the values of other fields.  Chained calculations are possible, but be careful not to create a loop.  Calculated fields aren't shown on the form body but will appear in the results table when displayed or downloaded.  See the documentation for instructions and examples.
  • NEW - Text-type fields can pull their default value from variables in the $_USER array.  For instance, the current user's name or e-mail address can be pre-entered in the appropriate fields.
  • NEW - Administrators can edit submissions after entry.  Regular users will still need to re-submit, as least at this time.

Documentation, a work in progress, can be found in the wiki.  There will surely be more to come as the plugin is fully fleshed out.

This version requires at lease PHP 5.1.0 and glFusion 1.2.0.

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