PayPal Plugin 0.4.3 Released

The has been updated to version 0.4.3.  This version contains fixes or enhancements for issues discovered after version 0.4.2.  Thanks to Zebra2 for continuing to beta test this plugin and provide feedback. 


Fixes or enhancements since version 0.4.2:

  • Missing description field in the purchases table for new installations
    A field that was added in version 0.4.1 did not get added to the SQL statements for a new installation.  As a result, a SQL error would occur during IPN processing and no purchase record would be created.
  • Purchased files cannot be downloaded from the catalog
    Fixed the "download" button to correct an issue with Internet Explorer similar to the issue previously resolved with the purchase buttons.
  • Paypal's custom field is not handled properly if magic_quotes_gpc is on
    If "magic_quotes_gpc" is enabled in the PHP configuration, the serialized data returned from PayPal cannot be un-serialized, and the buyer's user ID is then unavailable.  Extra slashes added by PHP are now removed if this setting is enabled.
  • Add default product expiration time to the configuration
    All downloadable products must now have an expiration period; no more "unlimited" downloads after purchase.  This was done to simplify the decision logic when determining whether to display a download link or a purchase button.

    A link to downloadable files, if any, is also shown now in the buyer's purchase history screen.


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