glPopMail is ready for testing and feedback


Some of you might have noticed the plugin called glPopMail in the subversion repository for glLabs.  This plugin is currently under development, and when finished will be a full fledged email client  for use with glFusion, and Geeklog. I am pleased to announce that the plugin is now in an installable state. I am looking for people to grab a copy from the subversion repository and give it a try and send us feed back via the glLabs tacker. This plugin needs a lot of work so the more input I get the better it will be. Click the read more link for current feature information, and what works or does not work.  Download now and give it a test.

What should work

  1. Basic pop3 email functionality
  2. composing email msgs
  3. sending new mail
  4. checking and reading mail
  5. replying to mail
  6. CC and BCC
  7. viewing headers
  8. sending and receiving attachments
  9. text and HTML emails
  10. APOP servers login support


  1. geeklog security not implemented
  2. no ssl/tls support (yes its coming)
  3. Address Book dosen't work at all
  4. No user configurable setting between login sessions.
  5. No sent mail container (not sure if this is a good thing to have)
  6. No spell check functionality
  7. No filtering of HTML messages for nasty scripts and such

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Have tried to install - have problems wonder is it because I am using 1.4.1 error seems to be related to images directory with Apache


/www/\"images, referer:

Will keep at at sure the resolve is there some where.


Did you post this to the issue tracker?

No but will do asap - sorry Wayne