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-======= glFusion v2.2.0 Development Roadmap / Design Ideas ======= 
-The purpose of this page is to document the features planned for glFusion v1.4.0. No release date is proposed for this version. 
-====== Article Plugin ====== 
-Proposed by Trinity Bays 
-Move all story/topic code out of index.php, and into its own plugin. First stage will be to duplicate the default core functionality in the Articles plugin, then once that is working well, remove the existing story code in core. 
-====== Rework Filemgmt Plugin ====== 
-Proposed by Mark Evans & Eric Warren 
-Mark and I have discussed improvements we would like to see in Filemgmt. The ability to select on the fly if you want a .tar.gz file or a .zip file for download is one thing Mark mentioned. FIXME I'll let Mark expound on his thoughts for stuff "under the hood". As for my thoughts on the cosmetics, I'd like to include AJAX based ratings, updated icons and layout (and more use of icons instead of text for certain things, like download links, etc. We can still have the text, it can be the alt text for the image), and views where you can sort by Most Popular, New, etc. And also incorporate some MooTools functionality to enhance the UI. (Accordion to show description,​ etc.) 
-Also, look at tracker issues [[http://​​view.php?​id=239]] and [[http://​​view.php?​id=217]] 
-Add the ability to have "​featured"​ download(s) that stay sticky at the top of the File Mgmt Index page. 
-====== Categorize Icons on Command and Control ====== 
-Proposed by Mark Evans & Trinity Bays 
-Make the command and control page use icon groupings to give it a cPanel like look. 
-Allow groups to be minimized to their title bar when looking at one particular group. 
-Allow a plugin to specify a group for its icons to go into. 
-If a group doesn'​t exist allow a plugin to add it. 
-[Also perhaps take a look at [[http://​​view.php?​id=69]] which deals with organizing the Admin Only menu list into sub-menus as well.] - Eric 
-====== Homepage Plugin ====== 
-Proposed by Joe Mucchiello & Eric Warren 
-Using Joe's lib-content.php,​ create an interface to replace content on the homepage in a modular fashion. Content could be created in blocks or static pages, and then called to populate a given template for complete homepage layout customization. 
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