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-====== Template Differences between glFusion v1.2.1 and glFusion v1.2.======+====== Template Differences between glFusion v1.3.2 and glFusion v1.4.======
-glFusion v1.2.2 did not make any required template changes from the previous release of glFusion.+This is a list of templates that have been modified between glFusion v1.3.2 
 +and glFusion v1.4.0.  Those with an **X** in the **Must Update** column must 
 +be updated in your theme or functionality will break.
-====== Template Changes Archive ======+Click the template name to see the actual changes to the template file. 
 +===== Changed Templates in glFusion CMS=====
 +<note info>
 +Several templates were touched with minor cosmetic changes such as replacing {xhtml} with the / - these changes are not critical  the functionality of software.
 +^Directory / Template  ^  Must Update  ^Description  ^
 +^public_html/layout/nouveau/ ^^^
 +|htmlheader.thtml |  **X**  | Changed **st_** variables to use new menu builder vars|
 +|header.thtml     |  **X**  |Uses new Menu Builder menu variables (replaced **st_** template variables |
 +|footer.thtml     |  **X**  |Uses new Menu Builder menu variables (replaced **st_** template variables  |
 +^public_html/layout/nouveau/profiles/ ^^^
 +|contactauthorform.thtml |  **X**  |One template to handle both WYSIWYG and plain text|
 +|contactuserform.thtml   |  **X**  |WYSIWYG support|
 +^public_html/layout/nouveau/comment/ ^^^
 +|commentform.thtml |  **X**  |WYSIWYG support|
 +^public_html/layout/nouveau/submit/ ^^^
 +|submitstory.thtml |  **X**  |User submitted story WYSIWYG support|
 +^public_html/layout/nouveau/admin/story/ ^^^
 +|storyeditor.thtml |  **X**  |Admin user entry WYSIWYG support|
 +^public_html/layout/nouveau/admin/mail/ ^^^
 +|mailform.thtml |  **X**  |WYSIWYG support|
 +^public_html/layout/nouveau/admin/block/ ^^^
 +|blockeditor.thtml |  **X**  |WYSIWYG support|
 +^public_html/layout/nouveau/admin/menu/ ^^^
 +|editmenu.thtml |  **X**  |Menu editor|
 +^public_html/layout/nouveau/menu/ ^^^
 +|menu_vertical_simple.thtml |  **new**  |Menu Builder template for simple vertical menus |
 +|menu_vertical_cascading.thtml |  **new**  |Menu Builder template for vertical cascading menus |
 +|menu_horizontal_cascading.thtml |  **new**  |Menu Builder template for horizontal cascading menus |
 +|menu_horizontal_simple.thtml |  **new**  |Menu Builder template for simple horizontal menus |
 +^private/plugins/mediagallery/templates/ ^^^
 +|html5upload.thtml |  **new**  |HTML 5 upload |
 +|upload.thtml |  **X**  |Removed SWF Upload|
 +^private/plugins/staticpages/templates/admin/ ^^^
 +|editor.thtml |  **X**  | Support for WYSIWYG|
 +^private/plugins/forum/templates/ ^^^
 +|posteditor.thtml |  **X**  |Support for WYSIWYG|
 +|ckeditor_forum.thtml |  **new**  |Support for CKEditor| 
 +====== Template Changes Archive ======
 [[glfusion:template_changes:v121|v1.2.1]]\\ [[glfusion:template_changes:v121|v1.2.1]]\\
 [[glfusion:template_changes:v120|v1.2.0]]\\ [[glfusion:template_changes:v120|v1.2.0]]\\
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