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-====== Template Differences between glFusion v1.2.1 and glFusion v1.2.2 ======+====== Template Differences between glFusion v1.4.1 and glFusion v1.4.2 ======
-glFusion v1.2.2 did not make any required template changes from the previous release of glFusion.+There were not template modifications in glFusion v1.4.2.
-====== Template Changes Archive ====== 
 +====== Template Changes Archive ======
 [[glfusion:template_changes:v121|v1.2.1]]\\ [[glfusion:template_changes:v121|v1.2.1]]\\
 [[glfusion:template_changes:v120|v1.2.0]]\\ [[glfusion:template_changes:v120|v1.2.0]]\\
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