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 +====== Template Differences between glFusion v1.2.0 and glFusion v1.2.1 ======
 +This is a list of templates that have been modified between glFusion v1.2.0
 +and glFusion v1.2.1.  Those with an **X** in the **Must Update** column must
 +be updated in your theme or functionality will break.
 +Click the template name to see the actual changes to the template file.
 +===== Changed Templates in glFusion CMS=====
 +^Directory / Template  ^  Must Update  ^Description  ^
 +^public_html/layout/nouveau/ ^^^
 +|blockfooter-persistent-message.thtml  |  **X**   |New template for persistent (non-fading) system message.  |
 +|style.css  |  **X**  |Renamed all **div#frame** styles to **div#gl_frame** \\ Renamed **.tab-pane** style to **.gl_tab-pane** and  **.tab-pane img** style to **.gl_tab-pane img**  |
 +^public_html/layout/nouveau/admin ^^^
 +|envcheck.thtml  |  **X**  |Fixed table widths for file permission display.  |
 +^public_html/layout/nouveau/admin/story ^^^
 +|storyeditor.thtml  |  **X**  |Update to allow the story author to be edited.  |
 +|storyeditor_advanced.thtml  |  **X**  |Update to allow the story author to be edited.  |
 +^public_html/layout/nouveau/admin/user ^^^
 +|userinfopanel.thtml  |  **X**  |Update to allow the user photo to be edited (replaced) by site admin.  |
 +====== Template Changes Archive ======
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