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 ====== glFusion CMS Administrator'​s Guide ====== ====== glFusion CMS Administrator'​s Guide ======
-**glFusion** is an extremely powerful system for creating online content. It powers all types of sites from personal blogs to high volume community discussion sites, intranets, and almost everything in between. It is well suited for both public and private sites. By using the flexible security model, it is possible to protect content from the general public and only allow specific users or groups access to certain content or features. Because of this, glFusion is an extremely extensible and flexible system, with many potential uses. 
-What makes glFusion different from the vast array of CMS or blog platforms available? The answer is integration. Rather than develop a small core system, and rely on 3rd party plugins, glFusion gives you a majority of the tools you might need, in a single robust package. The primary benefit of this development approach is a tight integration between different parts of the system, without having to hunt down 3rd party plugins, make sure they'​re compatible, go through compatibility pains when one component releases an upgrade, but the other side of the system doesn'​t and it breaks, etc. We figure you already have enough stress in your life, why should you have more! Welcome to glFusion, where you can have synergy, stability, and style! 
 If you plan on updating the wiki documentation,​ please review the [[glfusion:​styleguide|Style Guide]]. If you plan on updating the wiki documentation,​ please review the [[glfusion:​styleguide|Style Guide]].
-^<fs medium>Installing or Upgrading glFusion</​fs> ​ ^^^^ + 
-|[[glfusion:​overview ​    |{{ :​glfusion:​glfusion.png |}}]]     |**[[glfusion:​overview|glFusion Overview and Features]]** \\ General overview and features of glFusion. What can glFusion do for you?  |[[glfusion:​requirements |{{ :​glfusion:​requirements.png |}}]] |**[[glfusion:​requirements|System Requirements]]** \\ What type of system environment does glFusion need? | +===== Installing or Upgrading glFusion ​===== 
-|[[glfusion:​installation |{{ :​glfusion:​glfusion-install48.png |}}]] |**[[glfusion:​installation|Installing glFusion]]** \\ Installing glFusion - An overview of everything from creating the database to running the installation wizard. |[[glfusion:​upgrade ​     |{{ :​glfusion:​glfusion-upgrade48.png |}}]] |**[[glfusion:​upgrade|Upgrading glFusion]]** \\ How to upgrade your existing glFusion site. | + 
-|[[glfusion:​migrate ​     |{{ :​glfusion:​geeklog48.png |}}]] |**[[glfusion:​migrate|Migrating To glFusion]]** \\ How to migrate from Geeklog to glFusion. |[[glfusion:​quickstart ​  |{{ :​glfusion:​clock.png |}}]]        |**[[glfusion:​quickstart|Quickstart Guide]]** \\ An overview of your new glFusion site.  +  * [[glfusion:​overview|glFusion Overview and Features]] 
-|[[glfusion:​newurl ​      |{{ :​glfusion:​glfusion.png |}}]] |**[[glfusion:​newurl|Moving glFusion to a New Site or URL]]** \\ How to move your glFusion site to a new URL or hosting site.  ||| | +  * [[glfusion:​requirements|System Requirements]] 
-^<fs medium>glFusion Administrators Guide</​fs> ​ ^^^^ +  * [[glfusion:​installation|Installing glFusion]] 
-|[[glfusion:​comments ​    |{{ :​glfusion:​chat.png |}}]]         |**[[glfusion:​comments|glFusion Comment Engine]]** \\ Overview of glFusion'​s comment engine. ​ Allow site users to post feedback and comment on your content. ​ |[[glfusion:​autotags|{{ :​glfusion:​autotag.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​autotags|glFusion Autolink / Autotag System]]** \\ Overview of glFusion'​s autolink feature. Allows you to integrate various types of content together. ​ +  ​* [[glfusion:​upgrade|Upgrading glFusion]] 
-|[[glfusion:​remoteauth|{{ :​glfusion:​keys.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​remoteauth|glFusion Remote Authentication]]** \\ Overview of glFusion'​s remote authentication capabilities and Open ID support. ​ Allow your site users to use a universal login to gain access to your site.  |[[glfusion:​theme|{{ :​glfusion:​colors.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​theme|glFusion Theme System]]** \\ Overview of glFusion'​s theme and layout management tools. ​ Customize the look and feel of your site.  | +  * [[glfusion:​quickstart|Quickstart Guide]] 
-|[[glfusion:webservices|{{ :​glfusion:​webservices.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​webservices|glFusion Web Services Support]]** \\ Overview of glFusion'​s web services features. Allow content submission using various tools. ​ |[[glfusion:​language|{{ :​glfusion:​babelfish2.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​language|glFusion Language Support]]** \\ Overview of glFusion'​s language system - support for over 60 different languages. ​ +  * [[glfusion:​newurl|Moving glFusion to a New Site or URL]] 
-|[[glfusion:​search|{{ :​glfusion:​search.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​search|glFusion Search System]]** \\ Overview of glFusion'​s search facilities. ​ |[[glfusion:​submission|{{ :​glfusion:​moderation.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​submission|glFusion Submission / Moderation System]]** \\ Overview of glFusion'​s submission and moderation system. Allows you to approve users and content before going live on your site.  | + 
-^<fs medium>Site Administration</​fs> ​ ^^^^ + 
-|[[glfusion:​configuration|{{ :​glfusion:​configuration2.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​configuration|glFusion Configuration Options]]** \\ Documents all the configuration options available in glFusion. ​  ​|[[glfusion:​block_admin|{{ :​glfusion:​blockdevice.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​block_admin|Block Administration]]** \\ How to create content blocks. ​  | +===== glFusion Administrators Guide ===== 
-|[[glfusion:​user_admin|{{ :​glfusion:​user2.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​user_admin|User Administration]]** \\ How to create and manage user accounts on your site.   ​|[[glfusion:​editor|{{ :​glfusion:​publish.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​editor|Advanced Editor Customizations]]** \\ How to customize the Advanced Editor. ​  | + 
-|[[glfusion:​groups_admin|{{ :​glfusion:​group2.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​groups_admin|Group Administration]]** \\ How to setup and manage groups. ​  ​|[[glfusion:​trackback_admin|{{ :​glfusion:​trackback2.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​trackback_admin|Trackbacks and Pings]]** \\ How to use and administer trackbacks and pings. ​  | +  * [[glfusion:​comments|glFusion Comment Engine]] 
-|[[glfusion:​mail|{{ :​glfusion:​mail3.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​mail|Mail Users]]** \\ How to send email announcements to users or groups of users. ​  ​|[[glfusion:​nouveau|{{ :​glfusion:​glfusion.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​nouveau|Nouveau Theme]]** \\ How to customize the Nouveau theme. ​  | +  * [[glfusion:​autotags|glFusion Autolink / Autotag System]] 
-|[[glfusion:​backup|{{ :​glfusion:​database2.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​backup|Database Backups]]** \\ How to use glFusion to create backups of your database. ​  ​|[[glfusion:​sitetailor|{{ :​glfusion:​sitetailor.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​sitetailor|Site Tailor Customizations]]** \\ How to customize your menu, colors, and logo.   | +  * [[glfusion:​remoteauth|glFusion Remote Authentication]] 
-|[[glfusion:​plugin_admin|{{ :​glfusion:​plugins3.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​plugin_admin|Plugin Administration]]** \\ How to install and manage plugins for your site.   ​|[[glfusion:​syndication|{{ :​glfusion:​syndication3.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​syndication|Content Syndication]]** \\ Setup RSS Feeds for your content. ​  | +  * [[glfusion:​theme|glFusion Theme System]] 
-|[[glfusion:​topics_admin|{{ :​glfusion:​topic3.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​topics_admin|Topic Administration]]** \\ How to create and manage topic categories. ​  ​|[[glfusion:​spamx_admin|{{ :​glfusion:​spamx2.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​spamx_admin|Spam-X Use]]** \\ How to filter and delete spam on your site.   | +  ​* [[glfusion:uikit|glFusion UIKIT Framework Theme]] 
-^<fs medium>Content Management</​fs> ​  ^^^^ +  ​* [[glfusion:​webservices|glFusion Web Services Support]] 
-|[[glfusion:​story|{{ :​glfusion:​publish.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​story|Publishing Stories with glFusion]]** \\ How to publish stories to your site, including archiving, featured stories, and access control. ​  ​|[[glfusion:​filemgmt|{{ :​glfusion:​filecabinet2.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​filemgmt|Building a Download Section with the FileMgmt Plugin]]** \\ How to setup an online download area using the FileMgmt Plugin. ​  | +  * [[glfusion:​language|glFusion Language Support]] 
-|[[glfusion:​staticpages|{{ :​glfusion:​staticpages3.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​staticpages|Static Pages]]** \\ How to create and use static pages on your site.   ​|[[glfusion:​forum|{{ :​glfusion:​comments.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​forum|Online Collaboration with the Forum Plugin]]** \\ How to setup an online community using the Forum Plugin. ​  | +  * [[glfusion:​search|glFusion Search System]] 
-|[[glfusion:​mediagallery:​start|{{ :​glfusion:​mediagallery.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​mediagallery|Media Gallery]]** \\ Setting up an online Multimedia gallery with the Media Gallery Plugin ​  ​|[[glfusion:​links|{{ :​glfusion:​links2.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​links|Links Management]]** \\ Setting up and using the online Links Plugin ​  | +  * [[glfusion:​submission|glFusion Submission / Moderation System]] 
-|[[glfusion:​calendar|{{ :​glfusion:​calendar2.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​calendar|Managing Events with the Calendar]]** \\ How to setup and use the online calendar. ​  ​|[[glfusion:​widgets|{{ :​glfusion:​widgets2.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​widgets|Widgets]]** \\ How to setup and use widgets on your site.   | + 
-|[[glfusion:​polls|{{ :​glfusion:​polls2.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​polls|Setting up Polls]]** \\ How to setup and use polls on your site.   ​|[[glfusion:​filecheck|{{ :​glfusion:​filecheck.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​filecheck|File Checker]]** \\ Easily maintain proper files in your glFusion install. ​  | +===== Site Administration ​===== 
-^<fs medium>Security  ​</​fs>​^^^^ + 
-|[[glfusion:​security|{{ :​glfusion:​gpg.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​security|glFusion Permission System]]** \\ Overview of glFusion'​s Permission System. How to control access to the various content on your site. |[[glfusion:​captcha|{{ :​captcha.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​captcha|CAPTCHA]]** \\ CAPTCHA helps prevent bots from exploiting your site.   | +  * [[glfusion:​configuration|glFusion Configuration Options]] 
-|[[glfusion:​bb2|{{ :bb2.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​bb2|Bad Behavior2]]** \\ Protect your site from automated script-kiddie attacks. ​  ||| +  ​* [[glfusion:​block_admin|Block Administration]] 
-^<fs medium>How-To</​fs> ​ ^^^^ +  * [[glfusion:​user_admin|User Administration]] 
-|[[glfusion:​fusionrescue|{{ :​glfusion:​glfusion.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​fusionrescue|fusionrescue.php]]** \\ How to use fusionrescue to repair and modify configuration settings. ​  ​|[[glfusion:​tipstricks|{{ :​glfusion:​glfusion.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​tipstricks|Tips & Tricks]]** \\ Customization tips and tricks. ​  | +  ​* [[glfusion:​editor|Advanced Editor Customizations]] 
-|[[glfusion:​hardening|{{ :​glfusion:​gpg.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​hardening|Securing a glFusion Site]]** \\ How to harden a glFusion Site.   ​|[[glfusion:​utf-8|{{ :utf.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​utf-8|Convert to UTF-8]]** \\ Step by step instructions to convert a glFusion site to UTF-8. ​  | +  * [[glfusion:​groups_admin|Group Administration]] 
-^<fs medium>Developers Guide</​fs> ​ ^^^^ +  ​* [[glfusion:​trackback_admin|Trackbacks and Pings]] 
-|[[glfusion:​development|{{ :​glfusion:​code.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​development|glFusion Development]]** \\ glFusion API and developer documentation. ​ All the information you need to write plugins for glFusion or extend glFusion through the CUSTOM_ interface. ​ |[[glfusion:​development130notes|{{ :​glfusion:​code.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​development130notes|glFusion v1.3.0 Development Notes]]** \\ This contains notes on the current development version of glFusion. It includes a brief update on features and technical notes for plugin developers. ​  | +  * [[glfusion:​mail|Mail Users]] 
-^<fs medium>Appendices</​fs> ​ ^^^^ +  ​* [[glfusion:​nouveau|Nouveau Theme]] 
-|[[glfusion:​whatsnew|{{ :​glfusion:​new.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​whatsnew|What'​s New]]** \\ An overview of the major changes in each release. ​ |[[glfusion:​template_changes|{{ :​glfusion:​template3.png |}}]]|**[[glfusion:​template_changes|Template Changes in glFusion]]** \\ Documents all the templates changes between glFusion versions. |+  * [[glfusion:​backup|Database Backups]] 
 +  ​* [[glfusion:​sitetailor|Site Tailor Customizations]] 
 +  * [[glfusion:​plugin_admin|Plugin Administration]] 
 +  ​* [[glfusion:​syndication|Content Syndication]] 
 +  * [[glfusion:​topics_admin|Topic Administration]] 
 +  ​* [[glfusion:​spamx_admin|Spam-X Use]] 
 +===== Content Management ​===== 
 +  ​* [[glfusion:​story|Publishing Stories with glFusion]] 
 +  ​* [[glfusion:​filemgmt|Building a Download Section with the FileMgmt Plugin]] 
 +  * [[glfusion:​staticpages|Static Pages]] 
 +  ​* [[glfusion:​forum|Online Collaboration with the Forum Plugin]] 
 +  * [[glfusion:​mediagallery|Media Gallery]] 
 +  ​* [[glfusion:​links|Links Management]] 
 +  * [[glfusion:​calendar|Managing Events with the Calendar]] 
 +  ​* [[glfusion:​widgets|Widgets]] 
 +  * [[glfusion:​polls|Setting up Polls]] 
 +  ​* [[glfusion:​filecheck|File Checker]] 
 +===== Security ​===== 
 +  * [[glfusion:​security|glFusion Permission System]] 
 +  ​* [[glfusion:​captcha|CAPTCHA]] 
 +  ​* [[glfusion:​bb2|Bad Behavior2]] 
 +  ​* [[glfusion:sfs|Stop Forum Spam]] 
 +===== How To ===== 
 +  * [[glfusion:​fusionrescue|fusionrescue.php]] 
 +  ​* [[glfusion:​tipstricks|Tips & Tricks]] 
 +  * [[glfusion:​hardening|Securing a glFusion Site]] 
 +  ​* [[glfusion:​utf-8|Convert to UTF-8]] 
 +===== Developers Guide ===== 
 +  * [[glfusion:​development|glFusion Development]] 
 +  * [[glfusion:​development130notes|glFusion v1.3.0 Development Notes]] 
 +===== Appendices ​===== 
 +  * [[glfusion:​whatsnew|What'​s New]] 
 +  * [[glfusion:​template_changes|Template Changes in glFusion]]
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