What's New in glFusion v1.4.0

Major Changes

With glFusion v1.4.0, we are making a shift to HTML input as the standard input type. For comments, contacting users, mailing stories, HTML is now the default. You can select text mode input, but you no longer have the ability to toggle between input methods at the time you are entering text. To better support this change, we have replaced the old FCKeditor with a more modern WYSIWYG editor, CKEditor. We also offer TinyMCE as a plugin if you prefer that WYSIWYG editor. This has also driven significant updates to how HTML input is filtered. We've fixed a security issue in the filtering and also expanded the ability for you to define what HTML elements you will allow.

The Media Gallery SWFUpload feature has always been problematic. It worked, but not always very well. SWFUpload has been removed and replaced with an HTML 5 drag and drop uploader.

Menu Builder has seen some more updates. The code has been completely rewritten to be much more efficient. HTML used to build the menus is now template driven, which gives you unlimited flexibility in creating menus.

Functional Changes

Menu Builder Updates

Menu Builder has gone through another rewrite. The code is now much more efficient. Previous versions of Menu Builder, the HTML that controls the menu look and feel was hard coded. It has been rewritten to use templates, which now gives you much more flexibility to customize how the menus work.

Styling is still done through the menu classes in the style.css file.

For more details on Menu Builder's updates - see the Menu Builder Update Notes page.

What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor

In previous releases, you had the ability to toggle between plain text and HTML entry, with the option to also use the advanced editor. This approach adds a significant complexity to the glFusion code, but it also puts some limitations in place as well. Toggling between text and HTML can have devasting effects on formatting.

You now choose whether you want text or HTML entry via a configuration setting. If you select HTML, then HTML will be the mode you use.

The out-dated FCKEditor has been removed from the code base. WYSIWYG editors are now provided as glFusion plugins. glFusion ships with the CKEditor WYSIWYG editor bundled. You can also download and install the TinyMCE editor if you prefer.

Both CKEditor and TinyMCE have been integrated very tightly with glFusion to ensure what you see in the editor is what you actually get when you view the page through glFusion.

HTML Filtering

With the move to more HTML based inputs, it is very important that we have a secure method to filter user entered content. The previous HTML filtering solution was good, but there was a significant security hole that needed to be plugged. We've also implemented the ability for you to fine tune what HTML elements will be allowed depending on the operation being performed. For example, you may allow more HTML tags in a story, but limit what HTML can be used in a comment. The HTML will be parsed by the HTML filter to ensure only the HTML elements you are allowed are saved. The content is also filtered for any malicious content and it will be removed.

There are new configuration options where you can specify which HTML tags you will allow in stories, comments, etc. Please review the default settings in Command & ControlConfigurationMiscellaneousHTML Filtering.

Configuration Changes

The following new configuration option changes:

Removed Configuration Settings:

Configuration Item Description
menu_elements removed legacy menu elements
mailstory_postmode no longer set postmode of the mailstory function
comment_editor No longer select type of editor - Now select whether you have the WYSIWYG editor or a standard text box in the WYSIWYG editor configuration screen.
advanced_editor Now select whether you have the WYSIWYG editor or standard text box in the WYSIWYG editor configuration screen.

Added the following configuration settings:

Configuration Item Description
mailuser_postmode Post mode (HTML or Text) to use when mailing a user or story
htmlfilter_default HTML that will be allowed if no other HTML defined
htmlfilter_story HTML allowed in story editor (applied to both admins and normal users)
htmlfilter_comment HTML allowed in comment editor
htmlfilter_root HTML that only root users can use

Forum Plugin

Configuration Item Description
allowed_html allowed HTML in a forum post - if HTML is enabled.

Template Changes

Removed the following templates:

  • profiles/contactauthorform_advanced.thtml
  • profiles/contactuserform_advanced.thtml

Modified the following templates:

Template Location Description
languagetask.thtml public_html/admin/install/templates Removed GL migration
contactauthorform.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau/profiles One template to handle both WYSIWYG and plain text
editor.thtml private/plugins/staticpages/templates/admin Support for WYSIWYG
posteditor.thtml private/plugins/forum/templates Support for WYSIWYG
ckeditor_forum.thtml private/plugins/forum/templates Support for CKEditor
ckeditor_story.thtml private/plugins/ckeditor/templates Support for CKEditor in story editor
commentform.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau/comment WYSIWYG support
submitstory.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau/submit User submitted story WYSIWYG support
contactuserform.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau/profiles WYSIWYG support
storyeditor.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau/admin/story Admin user entry WYSIWYG support
mailform.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau/admin/mail WYSIWYG support
blockeditor.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau/admin/block WYSIWYG support
tinymce_forum.thtml private/plugins/forum/templates TinyMCE editor support for Forum Plugin
ckeditor_submitstory.thtml private/plugins/ckeditor/templates user submitted story
ckeditor_email.thtml private/plugins/ckeditor/templates mail user / article
ckeditor_sp.thtml private/plugins/ckeditor/templates static pages
ckeditor_comment.thtml private/plugins/ckeditor/templates CKEditor template for comments
ckeditor_contact.thtml private/plugins/ckeditor/templates CKEditor template for contact user
ckeditor.thtml private/plugins/ckeditor/templates General CKEditor template
htmlheader.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau Changed st_ variables to use new menu builder vars
upload.thtml private/plugins/mediagallery/templates Removed SWF Upload
html5upload.thtml private/plugins/mediagallery/templates HTML 5 upload
menu_vertical_simple.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau/menu Menu Builder template for simple vertical menus
menu_vertical_cascading.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau/menu Menu Builder template for vertical cascading menus
menu_horizontal_cascading.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau/menu Menu Builder template for horizontal cascading menus
menu_horizontal_simple.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau/menu Menu Builder template for simple horizontal menus
header.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau Uses new Menu Builder menu variables (replaced st_ template variables
footer.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau Uses new Menu Builder menu variables (replaced st_ template variables
editmenu.thtml public_html/layout/nouveau/admin/menu Menu editor

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