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What's New in glFusion v1.4.3

Major Changes

The CAPTCHA plugin has received several updates in this release:

  • Removed PICATCHA support - the PICATCHA service has decided to shut down, as a result they are not allowing any new sign-ups.
  • Implemented the Are You A Human PlayThru™ CAPTCHA alternative. PlayThru allows the user to complete a simple, interactive game to validate they are not a bot.
  • Implemented a simple math equation CAPTCHA - users solve a simple math problem to complete sign-up or form submissions.
  • Implemented a Honey Pot field to help identify bots.

If you were using PICATCHA, the upgrade will automatically disable that option and enable the simple math equation option.

Please go into the CAPTCHA configuration to adjust the settings to meet your needs after you upgrade to glFusion v1.4.3.

Functional Changes

Caching algorithms have been significantly reworked to provide much better support for high traffic systems. This should prevent any concurrency issues where two ore more processes are attempting to write to the same cache file simultaneously.

Configuration Changes


The CAPTCHA plugin configuration options were updated to support the following:

  • Removal of PICATCHA option
  • Addition of the Are You a Human option
  • Addition of the Math Equation CAPTCHA option

Template Changes

The following templates were modified with glFusion v1.4.3:

CAPTCHA Templates updated to support new Honey Pot field

  • private/plugins/captcha/templates/captcha.thtml
  • private/plugins/captcha/templates/captcha_calendar.thtml
  • private/plugins/captcha/templates/captcha_comment.thtml
  • private/plugins/captcha/templates/captcha_contact.thtml
  • private/plugins/captcha/templates/captcha_emailstory.thtml
  • private/plugins/captcha/templates/captcha_forum.thtml
  • private/plugins/captcha/templates/captcha_links.thtml
  • private/plugins/captcha/templates/captcha_mediagallery.thtml
  • private/plugins/captcha/templates/captcha_registration.thtml
  • private/plugins/captcha/templates/captcha_story.thtml
  • private/plugins/captcha/templates/captcha_token.thtml

CKEditor Templates updated to utilize the language locale attribute

  • private/plugins/ckeditor/templates/ckeditor.thtml
  • private/plugins/ckeditor/templates/ckeditor_block.thtml
  • private/plugins/ckeditor/templates/ckeditor_comment.thtml
  • private/plugins/ckeditor/templates/ckeditor_contact.thtml
  • private/plugins/ckeditor/templates/ckeditor_email.thtml
  • private/plugins/ckeditor/templates/ckeditor_sp.thtml
  • private/plugins/ckeditor/templates/ckeditor_story.thtml
  • private/plugins/ckeditor/templates/ckeditor_submitstory.thtml

Forum bug fix - ensure the ajax_deletefile.js is always properly loaded

  • private/plugins/forum/templates/posteditor.thtml

Fixed HTML error causing emails in HTML format to send in Text format

  • public_html/layout/nouveau/admin/mail/mailform.thtml

Special Considerations when Upgrading

glFusion v1.4.3 will reset the default CAPTCHA to the Math Equation option if you were previously using the PICATCHA option.

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