What's New in glFusion v1.4.2

Major Changes

No major changes are included with glFusion v1.4.2.

Functional Changes

Bad Behavior 2 Plugin Filtering

The Bad Behavior 2 plugin has been enhanced to detect and block 2 new threats:

  • Spam bot attempts to register using users.php?do=register - glFusion does not use the do=register parameter to register new users. This is a syntax used by other content management systems. Since spam bots don't seem to care that the request will fail and blindly attempt it - Bad Behavior will now catch and block these attempts.
  • /RS=0/RK= requests - so far there isn't much information on these types of requests, seems bots are appending /RS=0/RK=…. on URLs. Since these seem to be up to no good - Bad Behavior now blocks these requests.

HTML Filtering

HTML Filtering now allows you to specify which elements and their attributes.

You should set the Default HTML For Stories to:

div[class], h1, h2, h3, pre, br, p[style], b[style], s, strong[style], i[style], em[style], u[style], strike, a[style|href|title|target], ol[style|class], ul[style|class], li[style|class], hr[style], blockquote[style], img[style|alt|title|width|height|src|align], table[style|width|bgcolor|align|cellspacing|cellpadding|border], tr[style], td[style], th[style], tbody, thead, caption, col, colgroup, span[style|class], sup, sub

Configuration Changes

No additional configuration options were implemented with glFusion v1.4.2.

Template Changes

No template changes were made in glFusion v1.4.2.

Special Considerations when Upgrading

glFusion v1.4.2 enhanced how the Bad Behaviour Plugin handles SSL cookies. As a result, the bad-behavior-glfusion.php file will be overwritten when you load glFusion v1.4.1. If you have made any modifications to this file (for example, set the httpbl_key), please make a backup before upgrading.

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