Known Issues with glFusion v1.4.0 (and fixes)

See CKEditor Filemanager issue below…

Patch Level Information

Each time a set of fixes are published, we re-create the distribution archives and include a Patch Level component in the version number. This way, you can be sure that you are downloading the latest, most up to date version of glFusion, with all released patches and updates. We also provide a archive that contains all the patch level files.

To check your current patch level, go into the Command & Control screen, the current glFusion version number (and patch level) will be displayed at the top of the page. *

Applying Patches

There are two methods to apply the patches. You can download each updated source file from this page, or you can grab the latest incremental release and re-apply it to your site. Since the distribution archives are refreshed with each set of patches, both the full and incremental releases will contain all the current patches. Patch level updates do not require that you run the automated installer / updater since they will never contain database updates.

The current patch level of the distributions pl0.

CKEditor Filemanager Fix

With glFusion v1.4.0 - you may have an issue using the Filemanager plugin in CKEditor - it will tell you that the images/library directory does not exist, or when it embeds an image into your story / article, it will not have the proper path.

To resolve this issue - download the following fix and apply replace the files on your site with the updated files in the archive.

 [[Filemanager Fix for glFusion v1.4.0|]]

If you are running glFusion from a subdirectory off the main root of your site, like this: 

You will need to edit the filemanager.config.js and filemanager.config.php files in the archive above and change the fileRoot set to be:

  "fileRoot": "pathtoglfusion/images/library/",

Basically, adding the subdirectory to the path before images/library/

Known Issues Archives

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