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Welcome to the glFusion Documentation Wiki, the official place for glFusion documentation and also general glFusion information. If you are a Project Director, and would like to set up a home for your project here at glFusion, you've come to the right place! Please review our Mission Statement, and then feel free to add details about your project.

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glFusion - Documentation
glFusion - Enhanced Content Management System
glFusion is a next generation CMS that brings synergy, stability, and style to your web development projects. This section contains the full documentation for installing, administering, and using the glFusion CMS.
Plugins for glFusion
Chameleon is a combination theme and plugin allowing you to easily change the look and feel of your site, including layout and colors.
DokuWiki Integration
DokuWiki is a full featured Wiki Plugin that integrates directly with glFusion.
DataProxy Plugin
DataProxy Plugin
SiteMap Plugin
SiteMap provides Google compatible site maps.
evList Event Management
evList provides an alternative to the calendar plugin.
GUS Plugin
glFusion Usage Stats
PayPal Plugin
PayPal Plugin allows you to have an online catalog and accept payment via PayPal.
Tag Plugin
Add tags to your glFusion site.
MetaTags Plugin
MetaTags allows you to place meta keywords and descriptions in the HTML header for stories and static pages.
Private Message Plugin
Private Message plugin allows site users to send privates messages to each other.
Smiley Plugin
Smiley allows you to manage emoticons for your web site.
AddThis Plugin
AddThis provides social bookmarking features to glFusion stories.
Site Enhancements
Theming How-To
An excellent tutorial on creating glFusion themes.
Security Advisories
A list of security advisories affecting glFusion or any related plugins or enhancements.
3rd Party Tools
A listing of 3rd party tools that compliment development.

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