Powerful content management
with synergy, stability, & style.

A dynamic system based on flexible and granular permissions,
with spam protection, forums, file management, media gallery,
calendars, polls, site-wide search, RSS feeds, and more!

Frustrated by hunting for compatible 3rd party plugins?
glFusion offers it all right out of the box!

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Developer News

glFusion Development Update - Summer 2014

We've received some very positive feedback on the v1.4.x release of glFusion. As needed, we’ll be releasing minor updates as issues are identified and fixed.


There are some more major changes coming to the next major release of glFusion. Current plans have a new major release coming out late this summer. As we get closer to finalizing the feature set, we’ll be able to better estimate an exact timeframe.


One of our core goals has always been to make transition to new releases as painless as possible. We continue to embrace this goal as we implement some major changes in the look and feel and the functionality. Instead of a ‘big bang’ approach, we’ll be making incremental steps, which means smaller, incremental releases to ease the transition to newer tools.


So what's coming? [Read More to what exciting enhancements are on the horizon]

glFusion v1.4.2 Now Available for Download

The team at is proud to announce that glFusion v1.4.2 is now available for download. This release continues our commitment to providing a secure, stable, and robust content management system. [Read More for Details]


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